Cassette record label run by Vymethoxy Redspiders, specializing in Ethereal Darkwave/

Dark Ethereal, Experimental, Outsider Music and Cryptoccoustic Works and generally welcoming to any artist making unique, strange and individual music, be it Post-Punk, Hip Hop, Black Metal, Noise,

Glo-Fi, Grime, Surf, Death Jazz, Speedcore, Minimal Techno, Queerpop, No Wave, Cosmic Folk

or whatever else can be thought of.

It is also an outlet for music made by Miss V.R. and her close circle.


Arcane Pariah Records principally supports and celebrates the creative endeavours, expressions and ideologies of individuals who feel continually isolated and disconnected from others and from society, unable to relate or fit into the world that surrounds them - those who experience the feeling they were born in the wrong time, those who feel more kinship with arthropods than any human, those who communicate with buildings, pylons and air conditioning units, those who are guided by the esoteric voice of nostalgia - even for a time they never inhabited, those who shed tears of joy in the presence of sea creatures, those whose minds can cast them one moment as a smokey, melismatic souljazz poetess and the next a gaunt misanthropic teratist shrieking of despair and freezing winds, those who understand "Splinter and Entirety", those who are simply themselves but find no belonging or elation, those who taste erythysmic katydid rivers and daydream disembodied tendrils, those who can't seem to keep the craneflies out of their milk....


This label is and will always be primarily a CASSETTE based label, this is for deeply important ideological reasons relevant to Miss V.R. - it is felt that the appreciation of the physical artform that is music has been lost in the wake of the modern digital filesharing craze. This label was founded as a response to this and an attempt to restore a sense of value in the beauty that is a unique physical artifact - and tapes are certainly a thing of beauty. However it is understood that not everyone has access to cassette technology, therefore the compromise reached by Miss V.R. is that once ALL copies of the physical tape pressings of each Arcane Pariah release have sold out, the music will be made available digitally, unless significant demand for the cassette version of a release is apparent.